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What are you afraid ofEvery Other Tuesday at 9:45 AM

Bible Study Leader: Irene Catalano

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Book Study: “What are You Afraid Of?

“You have seen the lists of “Top 10 Fears” that appear annually, and the strange lists of hundreds of phobias that are hard to spell and sometimes hard to imagine.  If you made up your own list of top 10 fears, what would it include?

A Better Question is, if you are a Christian, Should you have any fears?

Fear is an involuntary emotional response that arises suddenly in the face of information or circumstances.  Because we can’t prevent such responses, trying to eliminate fear is unreasonable.  But we can overcome fear-or, biblically speaking, replace fear with faith.  But not just faith in fate or optimism.  Instead, we need faith in a God whose plans and promises can be trusted in spite of anything that may happen in life.

In What Are You Afraid Of?, Dr. David Jeremiah tackles nine of the life’s most persistent fears.  And one other fear – the fear of deity -  that we should embrace rather than overcome.  The more we learn to fear the God of Scripture, the less we will fear anything else in life!

Join Pastor Jeremiah for a guided exposition through Scripture as you learn to overcome fear by faith.”