JOY Club

Joy, butterfly

The J.O.Y. Club — Who are we? We are “Just Older Youth”.
We invite you to come to our Club if you are available during the day – there is no lower or upper age restrictions – we just want you to come and fellowship with us. Generally we meet on the second Thursday of the month around noon.
Come for Fellowship, Food and Fun with other Christians. Sometimes there will be special events on other days but we’ll let you know about them and they will be on the Church calendar.
We’ve got the “JOY, JOY, JOY” and we’d like to share it with you.

Upcoming Activities

Sunday, April 12 – Bell Festival in Bethlehem at 4:00 PM – (3rd and West Market)  Contact Sam & Ann if interested. 610-258-2713

Thursday, May 14 – Hunterdon Hills Playhouse – Comedy “Fox on the Fairway”  $5 deposit to be given to Sam or Ann.  Cost: $52 (if 20 or more people sign up)  Sign up in foyer  (matinee)  Dinner & Show.  We will leave the church at 10:45 AM.